HayStat Wi-Fi Temperature/Humidity Combo Sensor

The HayStat is a standard Wi-Fi sensor that transmits temperature and humidity over Haystack protocol. These wall-mount sensors connect to your building automaton network over standard IP based Wi-Fi. They export data as Haystack points, allowing you to quickly and easily pull data to where you need it. No gateways or monthly services required. The sensor incorporates authenticated access and Haystack 3.0 compatibility. The sensor can be read directly from SkySpark, Tridium or any other Haystack 3.0 client. The values can also be read from a standard web browser interface. The browser page is the only thing required to configure the device.

Quick Setup

The simple design allows quick deployment of many sensors without tools. Each device can be installed with a micro USB cable and power block for simple installation. Alternatively a permanent 5VDC power terminal can be connected and wired to a central transformer for a more permanent installation. Once powered the configuration is simple, first connect to the devices internal access point and view the configuration web page, then enter your Wi-Fi and password configuration and press restart. The device will connect to your Wi-Fi network and obtain a DHCP IP address. Using an IP scanner you can locate the device by its MAC address and connect to it's IP address with your Haystack client.

  • 0.15 Amp/5VDC Power Usage
  • 75 Feet Wi-Fi Range

  • HTML Web-Based Configuration
  • 0.1% Humidity Sensor Precision
  • ±2;% Humidity Sensor Accuracy
  • 0.01°C; Temperature Sensor Precision
  • ±0.2;°C; Temperature Sensor Accuracy