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Energy Management, Analytics, and Service Solutions
Building Automation
As a provider of industry leading products, Raynor Controls can provide a building management system that is intelligent and effective for controlling equipment, maintaining occupant comfort and saving energy.
Building Analytics
With high speed data acquisition and analytics a building system can be maintained with near predictive capability. Recognizing anomalies in control data to provide an early warning system that will prepare building management for needed maintenance and identify opportunities for energy savings.


SkySpark helps you find what matters in the vast amount of data produced by today's smart systems.
SkySpark works with data of all types - whether via a live link to an automation system or smart meter, connection to a SQL database, import of historical data from Excel files, or a web service feed from an utility.
At the heart of SkySpark is the high performance Folio database - specially designed for IoT data. Folio combines the speed of an industrial historian with the modeling capabilities of document and graph databases to store and organize heterogeneous data, creating unified models of your buildings, equipment, devices and sensors.
SkySpark uses the industry standard Project Haystack for semantic tagging of data. With proper tagging, analytics applications can quickly consume data from equipment systems and interpret patterns in operational data to identify faults, deviations, and trends that can be addressed to improve efficiency and insure proper operation of equipment systems.
Alerton has led the way in developing products based on a standard open communication protocol to give building owners flexibility in their building solutions. Alerton was the first to:
  • Pioneer direct digital controls (DDC) technology
  • Offer a Windows-based operator's workstation
  • Offer an intelligent zone sensor - the Microset™
  • Offer a top-to-bottom native BACnet system
As part of Honeywell International Inc's automation and controls group, Alerton retains its entreprenneurial and pioneering spirit while gaining the additional financial and technological resources of a multinational fortune 100 corporation. Alerton's business starts with superb local dealer and factory support backed by the power of Honeywell. Raynor Controls is an official Alerton associate dealer.
EnerCase is a Niagara 4 OEM product that builds on the legacy of the Niagara Framework in new and exciting ways. It's less reliant on browser plug-ins, faster, and easier to use. A truely open framework, Niagara 4 delivers a variety of notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the internet of things, including advanced visualization and new search, security, and navigation tools.
The EnerCase Jace includes the basMaker library of tools and visualization enhancements created by BASSG. basMaker is a simple solution for designing an interface to manage and monitor your building automation system. With basMaker, facility managers and owners can quickly build a customizable solution through a library of modules that are easy to select and snap together based on their unique and specific building requirements. Modules are updated regularly based on industry developments and customer feedback.
The Anka Labs Edge Analytics Controller (EAC) utilizes the latest technologies which focus on data acquisition, tagging, trending, and SkySpark clustering.
Project SandStar, at the heart of every EAC, is an open-source control stack which marries Project Haystack and the Sedona framework in order to tag, trend, and control between the metal and silicon. SandStar builds on Sedona, the open-source controls engine created by industry leader BMS framework manufacturer Tridium, and allows data queries at the analytics level using sHaystack to integrate into the control engine for real-time intelligent controls processing.
Visualytik - an html5 visualization platform allows the EAC to display an advanced web interface that includes everything from drag-and-drop html5 block programming to 4-dimensional heat mapping. Users can create calls to the database and bind data to widgets for display as part of the SkySpark visual package included in every EAC.
The HayStat is a standard Wi-Fi sensor that transmits temperature and humidity data over the Haystack protocol. These wall-mount sensors connect to your building automation network over standard IP-based Wi-Fi. They export data as Haystack points, allowing you to quickly and easily pull data to where you need it. No gateways or monthly services are required. The sensor incorporates authenticated access and Haystack 3.0 compatibility. The sensor can be read directly from SkySpark, Niagara, or any other Haystack 3.0 client. The values can also be read from a standard web browser-based interface.
Company info
Raynor Controls provides analytics, energy management control systems, programming, graphics, consultation, technical support, integration, and system enhancements.
Raynor Controls has factory trained staff with: Alerton BACtalk Certification, Alerton Compass Certification, Alerton Smoke Control UL864 Training, and Niagara N4 Ceritfication.
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